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SIC thar atan Mangjangam Touthang, IIS (Rtd)
Sep 21, 2023

ZALEN September 21, 2023 : Mizoram sawrkar, General Administration Department chuan thuchhuah a siam a, Mizoram Governor chuan Mangjangam Touthang, IIS (Rtd) chu Mizoram State Information-a State Information Commissioner atan a ruat, tih an tarlang.

SIC-in Office an luah hun chhung te, an hlawh leh therhlo an dawn tur chu chu The Right to Information (Term of Office, Salaries, Allowances and Other Terms and Conditions of Service of Chief Information Commissioner, Information Commissioners in the Central Information Commission, State Chief Information Commissioner and State Information Commissioners in the State Information Commission) Rules, 2019 in a tarlang anga pek tur an ni.

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