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Print Edition chungchang

ZALEN chanchinbu hi Mizoram-a Pathiannia chanchinbu chhuak awmchhun a ni a, Pathianni-a chanchinbu dang an chawlh laiin 2004 atang khan chawlh nei loin tihchhuah a lo ni tawh a; print edition hi Mizoram hmun hran hrana sem darh a ni.

ZALEN hian hawi lam emaw tan lam emaw a nei lo a. Kan tum ber chanchinthar rintlak leh mi tangkaipui tur pek chhuah a ni. Midang neih loh chanchinthar kan umzui avangte, Sunday ah chanchinbu dang chhuak a awm loh avangte hian ZALEN edition tin hian chhiarchhuah a hlawh hle a. Hemi avang pawh hian keimahnia advertisement rawn ti thin te'n an hlawkpui niin kan ngai a ni.

About Phone application leh website  

Phone application (app) kan nei a, Android hmang tan Google Play store ah leh IOS hmang tan App Store ah download theih a ni a. App hi a hman man a awm loa a thlawn a ni a. Bengvarna leh chanchinthar dah nghal zel a ni a, a tuk nghah a ngai tawh loin a ni-ah chhiar tur dah nghal zel a ni. Website leh phone app ah hi chuan nitinin chanchinthar a thlen ang zela update a ni.


About Print Edition

Started in the year 2004, ZALEN meaning ‘Freedom’ is the largest circulated secular, vernacular (Mizo language) newspaper published on Sundays in Mizoram, North East India. It would not be blunt to state that daily newspapers in Mizoram do not publish on Sundays, thus making ZALEN the only Sunday newspaper published on Sundays. 

Due to the unique system we have developed ZALEN has had an exponential growth since it's inception. Our print edition is distributed to many parts of Mizoram. 

Being an independent newspaper we do not possess unfair leanings and malpractices of sort. The aim of ZALEN is to serve reliable and informative news to the reader.

Being the only Sunday paper in Mizoram, we have an incredibly high readership intensity. For this reason, many brands and businesses who wish to reach a large audience choose to advertise in ZALEN. Busy weekday schedule means readers tend to overlook many advertising materials whereas on Sundays, they have time to sit back, relax, and read the whole paper from cover to back. Packages tailored to your needs, goals, and budget are available for both print and digital editions. 

About Phone application and website

Phone application (app) is available on Google Play store and App Store and is updated daily real time. The app is free to use. Our website is also updated real time everyday.